Ayuvya Drishti Elixir- Improves Eye Sight & Reduces Eye Strain

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Ayuvya Drishti Elixir is a soothing hand made eye-drop made as per the 5000 year old Ayurvedic traditional process by an ayurvedic vaidya. The medicated soot is made from Gulbakawali- known as "White butterfly elixir for eyes"

Benefits of Ayuvya Drishti Elixir

What's In Ayuvya Drishti Elixir

    Gulbakawali : Gulbakawali Ark, an ayurvedic medication made from this plant is used for the treatment of eye disorders such as cataracts.

How To Use Ayuvya Drishti Elixir

1: Put two drops twice a Day.
Note: For every age-group.

Ayuvya Drishti Elixir vs. Normal Elixir

    Trusted by 1+Lakh Women
    Enriched with pure ghee which has multi medicinal properties
    No Chemical Based Ingredients
    Formulated by Trusted Ayurvedic Acharyas
    100% Ayurvedic Ingredients
    Not suitable for all age groups
    It comes with unrecognized fake ingredients
    It comes with various side effects
    Does more harm than good
    Chemical Based Ingredients
567 reviews forAyuvya Drishti Elixir


Shalini Sharma

> Being a civil service aspirant i have to study for long hours... my eyesight was getting weaker everyday but when I started using Drishti eyedrop, my eyesight started improving.

Manjot Singh

> One of the best product for eyes, my spectacle was removed. It gives actual results.

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